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The 10 Best Hotels in Barcelona

Book your stay in one of the 10 best hotels in Barcelona, compare prices among different travel agencies and book now at the best price. Discover the best deals

Are you planning a trip to Barcelona?

We discover you which are the 10 best hotels in Barcelona according to our users' ratings.  Barcelona being the most visited city in Spain has a great hotel offer, compare prices on eLandFly of more than 2300 accommodations in Barcelona. Enjoy a stay in front of the Sagrada Familia, in Las Ramblas or near the beach. In addition, Barcelona offers a wide selection of activities to make your trip a great experience you won't forget.

One of the 10 best hotels in Barcelona according to our users, is the Ayre Hotel Caspe located in the Eixample district of Barcelona in the heart of the city, very close to the Sagrada Familia, Plaza Catalunya or Las Ramblas. It is a 4-star hotel and has achieved an 8.6 with 4610 reviews, has a bar, a restaurant and parking.

Barcelona Universal Hotel, a 4-star hotel that has achieved an 8.7 with 1616 reviews, located on Avenida del Paralelo, between the city's most historic theaters and top restaurants. It has a terrace with swimming pool, magnificent views of the city and a restaurant area. It also includes parking and gym, for all these reasons we consider it one of the 10 best hotels in Barcelona.

Eurohotel Barcelona Granvia Fira, a 4-star hotel that has achieved a 7.5 with 920 reviews, is located 200 meters from Plaza España, 10 minutes from the Port of Barcelona and 15 minutes from Barceloneta Beach. It has a restaurant where you can enjoy a hearty breakfast, an outdoor terrace with bar, gym and parking, so our users consider it one of the 10 best hotels in Barcelona.

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These are the 10 best hotels in Barcelona:

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