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Among the most recommended destinations in Spain for tourists, Barcelona stands out as a very modern city with great natural attractions, which is home to a wide range of places of tourist interest, ideal for all tastes, as is the case of its spectacular beaches and its incredible museums. 

It is important to mention that at present, it is possible to find a great variety of tours and tourist activities to get to know Barcelona, ​​which offer its users the possibility of enjoying unique and entertaining experiences during their stay in the city, these are some of the best options.

Guell park

Park Güell is one of the most interesting places in Barcelona, ​​as it is considered a World Heritage Site, due to its extensive gardens and impressive buildings, which are characterized by their architecture and unique appearance, which guarantees a very pleasant experience. for the tourists. 

One of the most striking features of the Park Güell free tours is that they offer their participants the chance to learn about its history and properly appreciate its particular monuments, by taking a tour of some of its most representative places in the company of a professional guide.

El Born Free Tour 

Undoubtedly, this Tour is a very appealing option for younger people, as it offers a guided tour of one of the liveliest and busiest neighborhoods in the city, to get to know some of the most exclusive clubs and discos in Spain and the rest of the European continent. 

At the same time, this guided tour also allows you to personally appreciate Catalan urban culture, witnessing some of the most important open-air festivals and events in the city, which are characterized by including numerous artistic expressions, such as music, dance, the theater and the plastic arts. 

Raval Free Tour 

The Raval Free Tour is a guided tour full of surprises and impressive stories, which offers the possibility of getting to know one of the most peculiar neighborhoods in Catalonia, which includes impressive medieval buildings, unusual sculptures and a lot of urban art. 

Unlike other tours, this guided tour allows its participants to get up close to the impressive richness and cultural variety of the city, as well as numerous monuments, historical points of interest and little-known facts, to experience a totally different perspective of the city.

Spanish Civil War Tour

Another truly unique guided tour available in Barcelona is the Spanish Civil War Tour, which focuses entirely on one of the most violent and darkest episodes that occurred in Barcelona and the rest of the country, so it offers extremely shocking stories, while walking through various points of historical interest.

This tour of approximately two hours through the old part of the city not only offers a complete and detailed explanation of what happened during the aforementioned war, but also allows you to appreciate some of the effects generated by the destruction. 

These are our 4 essential activities in Barcelona:

We discover the 4 essential activities in Barcelona that you cannot miss on your trip:

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