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Last Update: 2022-08-08 19:20:13

Join the eLandFly affiliate program and start making money from your website by offering our price comparison services.

The eLandFly affiliate program is perfect for bloggers and small travel websites as it offers to earn commissions for flights, hotels and activities in the same affiliate portal.

What do we offer to our affiliates?

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General conditions affiliate program

The objective of these general conditions (hereinafter, the "General Conditions") is to regulate the conditions in which the Affiliate will promote, through links, banners, widgets or any other type of resource, the services of eLandFly in exchange for a commission.

Registration in the eLandFly affiliate program implies prior acceptance of these General Conditions by sending the application for registration as an Affiliate through the Website. After sending the registration request, the Affiliate will receive an email from eLandFly informing him if his request has been accepted or rejected, without the need for any justification according to the decision.

Registration in the affiliate program is free and will not incur any cost at any time.

Rights and obligations of eLandFly

  1. eLandFly may suspend or cancel the affiliation at any time and without prior notice, making the payment of pending commissions, as long as there are no manipulations of these commissions.
  2. eLandFly may cancel the commissions obtained if the Affiliate's account shows patterns of manipulation of the commission system or any other indication that leads to suspicion of malicious or negligent conduct in the use of the account or the tools.
  3. eLandFly may monitor Affiliate web pages to ensure that the links are correct. If this is not the case, eLandfly will notify the Affiliate of the changes that must be made so that, within 15 days, the Affiliate makes the requested changes. Failure to correct these changes will result in the suspension or cancellation of the account.
  4. eLandFly has the obligation, once your application has been approved, to register the affiliation and allow you access to the affiliate platform.
  5. eLandFly is required to facilitate access and download of promotional material, HTML links and URLs that will allow the affiliate and the commissions obtained on the eLandFly website to be identified.
  6. eLandFly has the obligation to monitor the transactions carried out by affiliates, making available reports or summaries regarding the movements that occur.
  7. eLandFly is obliged to pay the Affiliate the commissions obtained detailed in the "Commissions" section of these General Conditions.

Rights and obligations of the Affiliate

  1. The Affiliate will have the right to use the brand, logo and other promotional products or Tools on its Website in accordance with these General Conditions.
  2. The Affiliate is obliged to declare that all information provided to eLandFly is true and correct and that, in the event of any changes, it will update it.
  3. The Affiliate has the obligation to duly safeguard his access code and password to his Affiliate area, for which he will be solely responsible for its use. The Affiliate exempts eLandFly from any type of responsibility for the damages that may be caused by any theft of access codes.
  4. The Affiliate has the obligation to take responsibility for its Website and its content, which must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including the regulations regarding privacy and data protection.
  5. The Affiliate has the obligation to guarantee that the content on his Website belongs to him or that its owner has given him permission to publish it on his Website. You also guarantee that the information and content of do not infringe any rights of third parties, including the intellectual property rights of third parties, in addition to not publishing any content that is offensive, prohibited or questionable in any way. Such as content that is pornographic and sexual, violent, racist, demeaning, hateful, or promotes illegal activities.
  6. The Affiliate has the obligation not to generate in any way, nor contribute, Artificial Traffic to the eLandFly Website.
  7. The Affiliate has the obligation to indemnify for the damages that the Affiliate may have caused to eLandFly due to fraudulent or illegal use or if it generates or attempts to generate Artificial Traffic in accordance with current legislation. In addition, in this case eLandFly may cancel any commission pending payment.
  8. The Affiliate has the obligation to be solely responsible for the development, operations and maintenance of its web pages and all materials that appear on them.
  9. The Affiliate has the obligation to open accounts in his own name and interest. In addition, transferring existing accounts in favor of a third party is prohibited.
  10. The Affiliate is required to use the Promotional Tools in accordance with the documentation for the Promotional Tools.
  11. The Affiliate has the obligation not to share the credentials of the Promotional Tools with third parties.


ElandFly will pay the Affiliate a commission for each sale generated by a referred customer from the Affiliate's website. A referred customer is understood to be any person who clicks on an eLandFly link on the affiliate page.

The affiliate program has a flexible commission structure based on the conversion percentage generated monthly, this commission percentage calculation will be adjusted monthly on the 1st of each month. This adjustment will be made automatically based on the affiliate account's conversion rate.

The following commission thresholds apply:

If in the previous month the affiliate's conversion rate drops below 50%, the drop to 40% commission will be applied.

What is a conversion?

Any sale made through the eLandFly website is considered a conversion.

For example:

What is the conversion rate?

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the generated user actions on eLandFly by the amount of generated commissions.

What states have a sale?

Because many of our suppliers allow you to cancel your reservations or purchases, a sale has the following statuses:

The sales made by a referred customer during the 30 calendar days following the access of the referred customer will be recognized as Affiliate commissions, by means of a 30-day cookie.

Comission's payment

Payments will be executed at the request of the Affiliates once the threshold of €30 in commissions has been exceeded. These payments will be made on the following day 15 of each month. At the moment we only support making payments through PayPal.

Duration of the contractual relationship

These General Conditions will come into force from the moment in which the communication of approval of the affiliation request is received and will have an unlimited duration as long as neither of the parties notifies in writing their intention to terminate the contractual relationship. Likewise, eLandFly may terminate this relationship at any time and without prior notice as described in the "Rights and obligations of eLandFly" section.

Modification of the General Conditions

eLandFly reserves the right to partially or fully modify the content of these General Conditions. These changes will be published on this website and will always be accessible and notified to affiliates.

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