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Paris is one of the most attractive and crowded cities in the world, due to its particular history, its exquisite gastronomy and its imposing architecture, it also houses a great variety of sites of tourist and cultural interest, so it is an ideal option to travel at any time of the year.

However, tours are one of the most entertaining options to get to know the French capital and enjoy its numerous attractions, as they offer users the possibility to make the most of their stay, as well as to obtain relevant information about each tourist site. These are some of the most recommended guided tours.

Walk through the Père Lachaise Cemetery

One of the most interesting options for younger tourists is the walk through the Pére Lachaise cemetery, which allows you to learn about the lives of various historical figures, while taking a tour of about an hour, through the largest open-air museum on the planet.

Unlike most of the alternatives currently available, the Père Lachaise cemetery walk does not require a guide, as it is conducted through a mobile application that provides a unique and fun experience to all spectators, as well as numerous curious facts about each personality.

Night tours

Another option that differs significantly from the traditional tours are the night tours, which offer participants the opportunity to visit the best known and most representative bars, discos and pubs in the city, to enjoy a night of drinks and fun.

It is important to mention that this tour allows its participants to taste some of the best drinks in the Parisian market, including a great variety of cocktails, wines and craft beers, as well as to enjoy numerous activities including party games and various night shows.

Saint Chapelle and Notre Dame

An almost obligatory tour for people visiting the city of light, is the Saint Chapelle and Notre Dame Cathedral, for being two monuments considered as world heritage sites, thanks to its unique architecture, which provides an impressive view to all its spectators.

Nowadays, it is possible to find numerous guided tours and tours with digital guides for the aforementioned buildings, which offer their customers the possibility to learn about their history in the most comfortable and entertaining way possible, by selecting the most appropriate option according to their particular tastes.

The knight and the magician: Parc Montsouris

This activity allows tourists to get to know in a very original and entertaining way the Parc Montsouris, one of the most important and recognized open air places in Paris, by participating in a unique tour to catch a mysterious dark magician.

On the other hand, the knight and the wizard tour, provides its users with a very interesting experience, by participating in numerous games and challenges to achieve their goal, as they go deep into Parc Montsouris, guided with the help of their smartphone.

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