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Volotea is a Spanish lowcost airline, which was founded by the creators of Vueling, began operations on April 5, 2021 and in its first two months it had 72 routes for sale. Volotea is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe. The airline operates from 18 bases throughout Europe, its main bases in Spain are Asturias Airport and Bilbao Airport.

Volotea has more than 380 routes . One of the most frequent destinations and its main airport is Oviedo, which is why Volotea regularly offers cheap flights.

Volotea's fleet

The airline is made up of 40 Airbus aircraft, specifically 20 A319 aircraft and another 20 A320 aircraft, with an average age of 15 years.

Hand luggage with Volotea

The Volotea airline made a modification to its baggage policy that came into force on June 8, 2022, this new policy indicates that its planes can only be accessed with a small backpack . For all those purchases made before that date, you can check in a hand luggage (40x55x20cm) free of charge at the check-in counter. If you need to travel with a suitcase, you can add priority boarding from €9 each way . If you do it at the boarding gate it could have a price of up to €50. Those passengers who have purchased Priority Boarding may carry on board a small backpack and a suitcase with a maximum weight of 10kg and without exceeding the dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

How to check-in with Volotea?

The Volotea airline offers its customers the following possibilities to check-in:

  • Online and Mobile Billing: Offers the possibility of checking-in through its website or directly by downloading its mobile APP. You can do it from 28 days before to two and a half hours before the departure of the flight. This is the best way to book and get your boarding pass easily and quickly.
  • Check-in at the Airport: For those travelers who have not checked-in online, they can check-in at the airport but with an additional cost of up to €30.

Seats in Volotea

By default, Volotea offers a free random allocation of seats. You can reserve seats from €2 at the time of purchase and during check-in.

Do you have a frequent flyer program?

Volotea has the MEGAVOLOTEA program to which you can belong by paying €49.99 and up to 4 passengers can benefit. The Megavolotea program offers discounts on many of its services, up to a €10 discount on each flight, a 25% discount on seat reservations and priority boarding, a 15% discount on checked baggage and a credit for your birthday €20, among other benefits. By belonging to the program for more than a year, it will become MEGAVOLOTEA PLUS, increasing the discounts mentioned above and also without limiting the number of passengers benefited.

Relevant Volotea information

According to our data, Volotea's most frequent destinations are: Asturias, Athens International, Bilbao and Olbia

Our users have found 380 Volotea routes

Volotea's most popular destination is the city of Oviedo.
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